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Spain Famous Hostels

SPAIN FAMOUS HOSTELS. The best hostels in Spain. Safe, clean, cosy and cheap hostels in Spain

TOP 6 HOSTELS in Spain | Barcelona Hostel | Valencia Hostel | Sevilla Hostel
Here at Spain Famous Hostels you will find 6 great options for your cheap accommodation in Spain.
A group of the best hostels in Spain, in the best Spanish destinations, such Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Calpe.
The hostels listed on Spain Famous Hostels offers a range of some standards facilities, to make your stay as comfortable and safe as posible. All the hostels listed on Spain Famous Hostels offer:
* Reception 24 hs
* Free Wi-fi
* Free linen and towels
* Free security lockers
* Multilingual staff
* Female dorms
Hilux Hostel Valencia located right in the center of Valencia, has been the best hostel in Valencia for many... READ MORE

Garden House Hostel Barcelona offers a real backpack atmosphere, perfect to explore the real Barcelona READ MORE

Yellow Nest Hostel Barcelona near to the Camp Nou Stadiun, is the most complete youth hostel in Barcelona.READ MORE

Mellow Eco Hostel one of the first Eco Hostel in Barcelona, social activities and a stunning views of Barcelona.. READ MORE

Samay Hostel Sevilla is homely and cosy, close to all the main atractions in Seville, Samay Hostel Sevilla is your READ MORE

4YOU Hostel Calpe located in the charmy and beautifull Calpe in the Spanish Costa Blanca (White Coast) ... READ MORE

Discover Spain
Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, due to its rich historical and cultural legacy that have left many influences untill the present days and its incredible diversity of climates and geography.
The most visited part of Spain is the part by the Mediterranean sea and its island, due to the excellent weather during the biggest part of the year, in Spain you are able to sunbathe from April to October and enjoy the beautiful and Spanish beaches and the stunning turquoise Mediterranean sea.

But the sun and the beach is not everything about Spain. Spain is a large country that has big cultural differences between its Autonomous Community and their traditions, so each Autonomous Community of Spain looks like a different country.
Its glorious past is another plus when you visiting Spain, a huge number of stunning and symbolic monuments can be found anywhere you go, in Spain the visitor can see an unique mix of cultures due to the huge number of ancient Romans and Arabics construction that still are in use, specially in the south of Spain (Andalucia) in city like Sevilla or Granada. In Spain you will also find incredible exemples of the most impresive modernism style, specially in Barcelona and Madrid.
Another plus to visit Spain is its rich cousine, which is nowadays considered as one of the best and most innovative in the world, but the traditional plates such the Paella are a must once you are in Spain, specially in Valencia the the hometown of the original Paella, another typical and loved Spanish product is the wine, speacially the ones from La Rioja province.

And at least, but not less important is the Spanish music, from the traditional and pasionate Flamenco (best in the south) to an unique mix that incorporates to the roots of the Spanish music some contemporany and international influences (in Barcelona this kind of mix most happens.